Learn How to DJ Using Your Laptop Computer with Udemy

Start learning How to DJ Using Your Laptop Computer with Udemy, from this online course you will learn Techniques Anyone Can Learn to Mix & Play Psytrance Music Live. so lets start with EarlyTutors.

Course Name: How to DJ Using Your Laptop Computer

Course Language: English

Course Instructor : 22 Lions Bookstore

Course Category: DJ Courses

What will you learn from this course ? 

  • What Software to Use
  • Where to Obtain Royalty-free Music
  • Where to Upload Your DJ Mixes
  • How to Choose Music for a Mix
  • How to Adjust the BPM of a track
  • How to Use the Crossfader
  • How to Easily Mix Two Tracks
  • How to Use the Sync Button
  • When to Let Two Tracks Play Simultaneously
  • When to Adjust the Volume of a Track
  • When to Start and End a Mix
  • Tricks to Mix Quickly
  • How to Prepare Your Performance
  • How to Create Your Mix

Curse Description :

In this course you will learn how anyone can DJ by simply using a laptop computer and why so many famous DJs are switching from their decks to the computers or using them altogether in their performances. This is a course for those willing to learn how to mix tracks easily and upload them to popular websites. And yet, any professional DJ can learn new techniques from this course as well as insights about how to select and play good music live.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wishes to become a DJDJs willing to learn new techniques
  • Anyone interested in mixing with a laptop computer

How to Enroll How to DJ Using Your Laptop Computer – Udemy Course :

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