Learn In Depth Beginner Serato DJ Course with Udemy

Start learning In Depth Beginner Serato DJ Course with Udemy, from this online course you will learn Learn skills needed to propel you into becoming a DJ with the skills to get gigs!. so lets start with EarlyTutors.

Course Name: In Depth Beginner Serato DJ Course

Course Language: English

Course Instructor : MissC Brown

Course Category: DJ Courses

What will you learn from this course ? 

  • Use Serato DJ to plan and play Dj sets
  • Beatmatch and synchronise two different tracks
  • Dropmix
  • Identify beats, bars and phrases
  • Set up equipment
  • Use the different functions in Serato DJ

Curse Description :

  • This course teaches you how to become a DJ – whether you are an absolute beginner or just unfamiliar with Serato.  Serato is the leading software in the DJ industry and has the most compatibility with hardware within the marketplace.  There are numerous controllers, mixers and even software – that are produced with Serato software in mind.  Give yourself a head start in the DJ world and get to grips with Serato.
  • The compatibility alone should prompt you – if not, the recognition that it has led the way for DJ software with the introduction of Scratch Live (seems so long ago now) almost certainly should. The course is taught from beginner level and assumes you have no prior DJ or musical knowledge.  In the digital era, no matter what type of DJ you are, you can’t escape software.
  • That means you should know how to use it.  The hardware you use as a DJ will also determine your ‘style’.  Different types of hardware come with different capabilities – and restrictions – so it’s worth thinking about the tools of the trade YOU wish to go forward with.  Some skills are transferable whereas others not so easily.
  • The course takes you through not just the functions within the software, but some of the different techniques you need to learn to become a DJ.  It also covers some music theory – it might sound silly but this is a fundamental basic to being a good DJ and it is essential you familiarise yourself with it.
  • There are exercises, handouts and videos that will aid and instruct you.  Instructions are clear and thoughtfully structured.  When you are ready, there is a final section that gives you tips and insights on how to get yourself that first gig – also how to use the internet to your advantage! There is so much to DJing, I could go on and on but get what you can out of it, practise loads and loads and begin your journey – it’s gonna be a great trip! Check out the introduction video – enjoy!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who have no experience of DJing
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use Serato DJ

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